Inventing the internet

I remember when the internet first came out. My friend, Kevin, was really into computers. He had a dial up modem. This was in the late 80’s. We would enter telephone numbers via keyboard and dial them up. We’d hear the crush tech connect and then someone would answer the phone. “Hello? Hell-O???” We’d laugh.

He’d chat with hackers who would make his computer shut down. I lost touch with Kevin, and the internet as well, until college. I remember an advisor telling me how excited she was that she figured out how to get a notification every time she got a new email on her computer. “Why would you want that?” I thought.

The first time I saw porn on a computer I was surfing from sundown to sunup. I couldn’t believe you didn’t have to go to the party store anymore! The first time I tripped and saw the green glow on Dan’s hypnotized face in a darkened room, The Matrix was born. Two years before it hit the theaters. And I shut myself in.

I moved in with my cousin, Sean, after college. My old college pals were doing Friendster and writing great things about each other. “I can be real. I can be me! I can meet a woman who will truly love me, for me, and my giant nipples!”

To hide, or be free?



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