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If you're a fan of my work please tell a friend! This costs nothing to do and is the only way I can keep making this work. I've got most of my planets in Leo so I have a tendency to think that everyone should know who I am. Please forgive me! Your belief in this work coupled with my own is the only way to move forward. Thank you for thinking of me and for your small donation of time! Likewise, you can buy me some advertising if you'd like. I am not the best at self promotion so, any donation here will go directly to some paid promotion of my work. Many thanks!!


Bag of Porcelain Clay

Believe it or not, clay is not dirt cheap! The clay I purchase comes from New Mexico Clay, and is sold in 25 pound bags. With a bag of clay I can make a pretty large sculpture. Purchase one for me and I'll give you a shout out on social media and give you personal sneak peaks at the sculpture I create as thanks for your generous contribution.


Studio Rent

Here in the City Different, work spaces do not come cheap. My share comes to 52 bucks a week. Pay for a week of my studio rent and I WILL RELEASE MY TAX RETURNS for the previous year. Two weeks, two years. You get the picture. Whether anyone cares about my tax returns is another story completely. Plus, I will stamp your name alongside my signature on the base of one of my sculptures.


Black and white coil built ceramic clay sculpture made by Erik Hubert Gellert 3-d printed 3d print robot handmade

Wildlife (sculpture) release program

Donate to this fund and, once it's reached $52, the price of my studio rent for the week, I will release this sculpture onto the wild streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico for anyone to "adopt." These are like those children who never move out of your house. Nothing wrong with them, you love them, but they need to be pushed out of the nest in order to flourish. Destiny awaits! Be sure to sign up for my email list where I'll post a picture of this sculpture in situ, so you might get first crack at it!


Black and white coil built ceramic clay sculpture made by Erik Hubert Gellert 3-d printed 3d print robot handmade
Unsquare 5: 9.5″x8″x18″Earthenware ceramic and mason stain, wall shelf. Set Me FREE!!!

Just Because

I don't know. Maybe you just want to support this vision of mine to get my sculptures out of the studio and into people's homes. Perhaps you "adopted" one of my street sculptures and would like to give a little back. Maybe the amount of money you paid for a sculpture that I created with my own two hands is the equivalent of how much you spend at Marty's Meals in a week. Maybe you're a very powerful figment of my imagination who has materialized into this realm to channel extra green energy my way. No questions asked, benevolent benefactor: any money will go directly into my business bank account where it will be used to make more amazing sculpture.


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