Each shop item is unique, handmade, and completely one of a kind. Click an image below to select from artwork for purchase. Thank you for supporting my individual vision!

Small Sculpture

Smaller scale, individual expressions of pure creative vision. These sculptures will fit in among your everyday surroundings. Click the image above for various small sculpture for purchase. Free delivery to all U.S. destinations. Arrange for pickup in Northern New Mexico.

Large Sculpture

Larger in scale, these ceramic sculptures are individual works created in series. They may require a pedestal or special space in your home, though none are wider than the desktop computer screen I’m typing this description on. Large is relative! Click the image above for various larger artworks for purchase. Not for outdoor display! Shipping included to U.S. destinations. Pickup only in Northern New Mexico.

Support the Future Economy!

Whether you have 6 gigs and no time in the world, or no gigs and all the time in the world, a 3d-printer will make life simpler (for someone).

Let’s build something together.

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