Coloring for Shut-ins

The goal is to use the internet to connect. But, wouldn’t it be better if we could connect offline, without having to constantly see what we’re all up to? Here are some more doodles for you to color and help stay connected while being disconnected. I’m thinking of you all!!!







Color Me Beautiful!

12 downloads in one day of my previous doodle? For the first time I feel like a successful artist! Hope you are enjoying a break from “reality” and creating your own utopian vision during these tumultuous times. Here are a two more coloring pages for you to work on. Go ahead, print one each for the whole family! Please share your results!! Upload to instagram and tag me @erikhgellert or just send me an email of your work, or send it to me through astral projection if possible. As previously, simply click on the link that follows the image for a PDF download ready to print. Great connecting with you!angleweb






Color Me In!!

Howdy my quarantined compadres! Feeling the need to connect with people but the internet just ain’t cutting it? Maybe a coloring page would help you get in touch with your deeper self! More to come in the future. Who knows? Easter is coming. Perhaps in the days ahead there will be Easter egg downloads scattered about my site. There are none other than this one now so don’t drive yourself crazy looking! Thanks for tuning in and be well! Click the link below the image for a downloadable PDF file.